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SEO, or search engine optimisation, is one of the most robust digital marketing methods, and can help you to achieve a higher ranking on SERPs and obtain better traffic to your website. 
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If you’re new to SEO and wish to use this outstanding technique for your business, you need to get familiar with all the key terms of SEO to gain basic knowledge. The more you know, the better you can understand about how to optimise a website correctly. 

Start With the Basic Key Terms of SEO 

Algorithm: This should be the very first word you need to understand while working with SEO. An algorithm is nothing but a formula. This is a program applied by search engines to determine the relevancy of a page in terms of providing useful information to the users based on certain search terms. Google's algorithm is quite complicated and unstable. It is constantly changing and evolving to a better one. Thus, guessing Google's priorities while determining the ranking of a page as per the latest algorithm is almost impossible. But, you can produce quality content and maintain legal SEO techniques to get the desired result. 
SERP: Search Engine Results Page or SERP is the page that appears on your computer after you insert a keyword on the search bar to find information. The page contains the top ten website names and links that match your queries and seem relevant. 
Alt Tag: Whenever you place a cursor on an image or an image loading on the page, you can see HTML text appears on the screen. This is called an Alt Tag. This text typically includes SEO keywords to direct search engines towards that certain page or image. 
Keywords: These can be a single word or a phrase that web users put inside the search bar of the search engine while looking for certain information on a particular subject. For example, when you write "best Thai food in Birmingham" inside the search bar of Google to find the names of the local Thai restaurant, that particular phrase will be called your keywords. 
Authority: There are two categories of authority; Page Authority and Domain Authority. Page Authority is a score that determines the performance of an individual page on the search engine. The score predicted by the Domain Authority does the same for an entire website. 
Backlinks: These are the links that are published on other websites and are directed towards your website. These links will help your website to obtain visitors from various sources. 
Black Hat SEO: This is a dishonest or unethical technique of practising SEO that violates search engine rules to gain success faster than others. This is a way of cheating to come first in the race. Websites that practice Black Hat SEO may face bans and punishment from search engines. 
Crawlers: They have many names. Some people call them crawlers, and others call them spiders. These are Google bots that crawl new and improved web pages to ensure their credibility for appearing on the SERPs. 
Google Adwords: This is Google's very own advertising platform. PPC, CPM, banner, text and rich media ads are some common units that Google Adwords offer to the users to promote their brand to the target customers. You can get easy access for your advertisement in Google's Search Network and Google Display Network. 
Index: This is a database of a search engine. An index contains all the information that is collected and identified by crawlers. The search engine uses its index to provide information related to a certain term used by users. 
How to Optimise a Website as per SEO Rules? 
When you become aware of all these key terms, the scenario of online marketing becomes clearer to you. You can optimise your website better to gain more traffic with the help of SEO strategies that are relevant to your business. 
Check all the pages of your website for appropriate Alt Tags. 
Review your site and content to ensure there is no keyword stuffing. 
Add keywords strategically and relevantly to get better indexing. 
Follow Google algorithms to create content and design the website. 
Never disobey search engine regulations to obtain faster results. 
Use original content and the best quality images on your website. 
Avoid practices like keyword stuffing or adding excessive backlinks on pages. 
Try to improve your organic traffic through SEO for long-lasting results. 
Get the Right Kind of Assistance 
To build an SEO-friendly website, you need to hire a professional online marketing team that has in-depth knowledge of local SEO. it'seeze Web Design Birmingham is the name you can trust for this solution. We provide complete assistance for SEO strategy build-up for all types of businesses. Our web developers can add SEO features to make your website SEO-ready. 
Please get in touch with our team for more information about our online marketing solutions. 
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