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One of the key elements of web design is finding a colour scheme and aesthetic that suits the industry you’re designing for. This was our main challenge when creating an attractive, eye-catching and easy to use site for Re-Chroming Specialist, a metal finishing company in Smethwick. 
The company needed a site that would reflect their high quality work and encourage potential customers to get in touch. Our designers took on this brief and ran with it, creating a beautiful, contemporary site in the process. 
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Re-Chroming Specialist 

Re-Chroming Specialist is an experienced, high-quality metal finishing company based in Smethwick. The company focuses on re-chroming car and bike parts including bumpers, gear levers, light housings, frames, handlebars, and kick plates. As the Smethwick area is home to a number of engineering and metal finishing firms, it was essential the website for Re-Chroming Specialist stood out from the crowd. 
Website design company in Smethwick


The car and bike parts that Re-Chroming Specialist works on are designed to be bright, eye-catching and shiny. To emphasise this, we chose to make the website itself dark, with a black background and white text. We then used gold to highlight links and call attention to certain aspects of the design. By using gold accents, we were able to reference the chrome accents on the bikes and cars restored by the company. This helped to tie the aesthetic of the site in with the business itself. 
In order to emphasise the work Re-Chroming Specialist does, and give customers an idea of what they could expect from the company, we used photos of classic cars throughout the site. As well as providing a nice backdrop to text and links, this helps to build a brand image and get customers excited about having their car and bike parts re-chromed. Photos were taken from stock photo libraries. This helped to keep costs to a minimum and allowed us to produce the site quickly and easily. 


Usability is always very important in website design. For the Re-Chroming Specialists pages, we used a full-width design to give the text and information plenty of room and make navigation easy. This full-width design also gave the site a contemporary feel, something that contrasted nicely with the classic car imagery in the background. 
Navigation is made even easier by the simplified menu. Overpopulating a site with information often confuses visitors and makes it difficult for them to find what they’re looking for. Keeping things clean, simple and to the point is often the best way of getting a message across and encouraging customers to take action. A phone number is clearly listed at the top of each page and there’s a ‘Contact’ tab at the left extreme of the site to further prompt visitors to get in touch. 
You can view the new Re-Chroming Specialist website here

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