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Like thousands of companies across the UK, lockdown has forced us to work a little differently. Where before we’d have met clients face-to-face, now everything is done online. While this brought some challenges at first, we’ve been very impressed with how our designers – and our clients – have coped with the changes. 
A great example of a project completed during lockdown is the new Fox Coaching website. The previous site the company had was inflexible, difficult to navigate, and hard to edit. We worked with Fox Coaching to create a site that would do their business justice and benefit their customers. 
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Building trust 

When building a new website, it’s incredibly important to trust the designers. Websites for business coaches in particular need to look trustworthy, professional, and approachable, so it’s essential to get the feel of the design just right. 
Website design in Birmingham is fairly competitive, so finding the right team for a job can be difficult. We met the team behind Fox Coaching at a business networking event and so had already built up a relationship with the company. This meant that when it was time to redesign their site, we were the first port of call. 
Website design company in Smethwick

Design flexibility 

One of the main issues with the previous site was that it had been hard to edit. The site had been built using a template, and so was fairly difficult to tailor or personalise. This is often a problem with cheaper web design and is something we’re trying to put right by offering bespoke sites at affordable, competitive prices. 
The team at Fox Coaching wanted a site that was easy to edit and could accommodate a range of features. These included videos, testimonials, a bespoke engagement calculator and third party widgets. The site also had to look contemporary and reflect the company’s professional, but approachable, image. 
Normally when we work on our web design, local business owners are able to come into the office to discuss their requirements. As this wasn’t an option during lockdown, all design decisions were made via online calls and using collaboration software. We were even able to carry out website editor training remotely. 

The design 

The new Fox Coaching site incorporates a number of contemporary design features. These included parallax sections, overlay areas for banners, vertical divider options and a range of bespoke widgets. The pages were branded using colours from the logos and the design was brought together with a sleek, modern layout. 
Throughout the design process, we listened carefully to the client and collaborated closely with them to ensure the site met their requirements. As the ability to easily edit the site was important to this client, we taught them how to use our simple website editor and ensured they were confident with the tool before handing over control. 
If you’re looking for website design in Harborne and the surrounding areas, or if you want a responsive website, our Birmingham team are here to help. Get in touch today to find out more. 
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