Are you looking into a new website design to really help your business strive? Recently, we did exactly that for a Logisitics company in South Birmingham. Continue reading to find out exactly who they are and why the new website works so well for them. 
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PGS Global Logistics Case Study 

When you are looking to hook clients and engage potential consumers, one of the most important things to have is a website that is instantly eye-catching and easy to navigate. In many circumstances, your website is the first experience a user has of interacting with your brand, so it's the perfect chance to show off your company and ensure a positive user experience. 
Recently, we partnered with PGS Global Logistics, a logistics company offering the human touch, to design a new website for them. 

Who are PGS Global Logistics

PGS Global Logistics are a logistics company that offers support with driver training, supply chain management, UK distribution and warehousing. Having been in the industry for a long time, the company was beginning to fall behind in terms of its website and marketing, which is why it turned to our team for help. 

What we did 

We worked with the logistics company to enhance its website and put them back in touch with its clientele. The existing website was out-of-date and very old – the company had no access to the website editor either to make changes to the pages, resulting in a clunky site that was impossible to update. 
We have provided PGS Global Logistics with an entirely new website design and build which is much more functional, highlighting the benefits the company offers very clearly. We offered ongoing support during the whole design process to ensure that the team was happy with the website we were producing, which was complete with over 60 pages! 
Our designers are always more than happy to listen to clients' ideas, ensuring the site meets their specific needs. In this case, our designer created PGS's website “to feel modern and eye-catching". 
Opening with large scrolling images and a bold opening statement, the services are shown as icons at the bottom of the banner. The content pages have been designed using contemporary slanted sections and large headings, while lots of icons and images have been placed around the site to make it visually engaging for the user. 
Overall, we were able to create a refreshed and modern website for the haulage company. You too could refresh your website using the same package.  

Why it works 

We set out to provide an entirely new website design that would offer a more modern take on the company's site and allow them to keep it updated as time goes on. With a refreshed design and a straightforward web editor, the company is now able to stay in touch with its audience and present its services in a much more accessible way. 
This update has given the company an easy-to-navigate site that is much more engaging and bold, improving the user experience and giving visitors a much more positive impression of the brand from the outset. Promoting higher conversion rates and prompting further engagement with the brand, the new website has been a big success for the logistics company so far. 
Our website design agency in Birmingham has the tools and experience to update, refresh and even reinvent websites, so if you're looking to achieve the same results as PGS Global Logistics, it's as simple as getting in touch with our team. 

How can we help you? 

If your company is struggling to engage customers or make conversions, then a new website could be the change you need to make in order to see a difference. It'seeze is an experienced website designer in Harborne, Birmingham, providing local support and creating bespoke website designs that highlight all the USPs of your business. You can benefit from an easy-to-use website editor that allows you to continue to keep your website up to date long after using our affordable and friendly service
To upgrade your old website, or to have a new one designed for your business from scratch, be sure to get in touch with us at it'seeze via phone or contact form. If you are unsure of what you want or aren’t convinced that a new website is best for you, then request a no-obligation video call via Zoom to talk to one of our experts about websites for transport companies. 
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