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Elite Sales and Lettings Limited is a property business established in 2006, trading in the Birmingham area as a reliable family run business. They are specialised in selling properties, letting management and the auction of properties. Their team of estate agents also help the property buyers to find a range of mortgage and insurance products for a better deal. 
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One can see a long list of featured and premium properties located in and around Birmingham. The website has all the details about these properties for their potential clients. These are segmented on their home page for better view and understanding. 
As well as this, viewers can get relevant and detailed information about vendors, landlords, auctions and evictions on this website in different sections. 
It's easy for home buyers to find the right property from such a wide range of lists. 

Our Design Style 

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For this website, our expert Birmingham website designers have created a robust, stylish and straightforward layout that matches their business pattern and industry. 
We used attractive banners and white background for the home page to give it a nice and sophisticated look. The use of professional looking fonts and segmented designs make the entire website look visually impactful and user-friendly. 
The team of Elite Sales & Letting were looking for a website that would make their online presence more prominent and desirable. We have made the website with all the required features, including different menu bars and drop-down sections. This would make property searching easy for their clients. Viewers can also browse different other essential pages through the home page with the help of various segments we have created. Area-specific pages will help the potential clients to find locally-based properties easily. 
We created sleek, modern and attractive pages to showcase their letting services and products clearly to their potential clients. 

Good Quality Images 

Elite Sales & Letting is a property company, and for them, the importance of good quality images is immense. As a successful Birmingham web design company, our team of skilled website designers and developers understand this fact very well. We use high-quality photographs to showcase their properties and other amenities. We keep the resolutions of these images perfect to offer the visitors a flawless view. 

Individual Packages 

Elite Sales & Letting have three distinct packages to offer their clients. Our designers have mentioned these packages in a clear and smart way on the website so that potential clients can easily check them and choose as per their convenience. 
Well-created segments to showcase property lists for buyers and tenants help the clients to find out what they are looking for. 
Apart from that, our designers use colours from the logo of Elite Sales & Letting (which is black and white) to create the navigation bar to create a definite and exclusive theme. 

Promote the Brand 

After trading for so many years in this field, we understand the sole purpose of building a website. Therefore, our team of experienced and skilled website designers always prepare the site to promote the brand successfully. From colour combination on pages to the use of logo and business taglines – everything is done in an aesthetically pleasing manner so that viewers can feel the connection between the website and the brand they trust. 
Without proper knowledge and high skill, the result cannot be delivered. 

We Understand Their Requirements 

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Our website design style suits the basic requirements of Elite Sales & Letting. Our experts are familiar with working closely with our clients to understand their core business process, goals and future plans. This time we did the same with the team of Elite Sales & Letting. 
This is why we have understood their requirements well and become successful in fulfilling them with our skills. Our team use advanced and state-of-the-art technologies to keep the design flexible so that the client can make necessary changes as per their changing goals and requirements in business. 
We use small but noticeable buttons on every page so that the conversion rate can be higher. 

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