A strong digital presence is one of the most important things a company can have in the internet age, with more and more customers finding their providers online. Company websites are the hub of this digital presence, attracting customers and retaining them on the site until they complete an order. This makes keeping your site at a high standard one of the most important parts of successfully doing business. Take a look at how our team at it'seeze helped Virtus Search transform its website. 
Firstly, please take a look at the new Virtus Search website by it'seeze compared to their previous website: 
The new website from it'seeze Birmingham
The old website for Virtus Search

Virtus Search’s problem 

Virtus Search approached it'seeze with an issue that a lot of companies face – a website that isn’t fit for purpose. Not only was the site itself below standard, but the company had no access to the website editor to resolve the myriad of problems. The client had a few issues with the site, including: 

Outdated design 

Design trends constantly shift over time, with bright colours and clipart being popular in the early days of the internet before gradually evolving towards sleek functionality. Virtus Search had an outdated design, which left a poor impression on customers from the moment they opened the website, reducing the company’s chances of securing clients. 

No encryption 

Data security and digital safety are growing in importance for customers, and government legislation is continuing to support that. The implementation of GDPR and other regionalised laws a few years ago meant that having low levels of data security was unacceptable for businesses that would otherwise risk significant fines. Virtus Search’s lack of encryption threatened this security and risked the financial health of the business. 
The importance of data security held up by a hand

Unresponsive agency 

We all know how important it is for websites to be updated regularly, in terms of security, contact details and content. However, the previous agency looking after Virtus Search's website was difficult to reach, leaving the team frustrated by the lack of support on offer. 

Finding a solution 

A perfect solution to an out-of-date website that no longer presents a company properly is replacing it with a brand new platform. It'seeze is a website design agency in Hagley, offering everything from website renovations to creating completely new websites for HR companies. it'seeze’s services were perfect for the Virtus Search project, offering: 
Two people sat at a table with one on an ipad and another typing on a keyboard
Domain transfer to a more easily advertisable web address. 
Domain renewals so the company retained the domain after the initial agreement expired. 
Website design and building after thorough consultation with the client on branding and design features. 
Business email addresses to help the company appear more professional to clients upon initial approach. 
Long-term support to provide the company with ongoing guidance and changes to the website. 
All of these are essential on any website for HR companies and provide a strong foundation for the company to build a reliable client base that they can use to build revenue for years to come. 

The it'seeze approach 

Using the Max Package, it'seeze took a thorough and comprehensive approach to the Virtus Search project. Discussing the website after completion, the designer stated that the design was “bright, modern and playful”, whilst integrating additional features such as illustrated banners to add bold blocks of colour and overlapping images with rounded corners to soften the site’s appearance. 
Combining an easy-to-use website editor with bespoke web design from our team of experts led to the Virtus Search team receiving a website that they love, and one that will support them for the foreseeable future. The it'seeze website design agency in Hagley guides clients from the very start of the process for sites of any scale, from a small e-commerce website in Hagley to national brands. 
Mobile video content editing application

Benefits of a new website to Virtus Search 

Virtus Search has experienced a range of benefits from having a new website to work with, such as: 
Handshakes with customer
Easier access to information for clients, so they know what to expect when working with the Virtus Search team. 
Greater encryption protects customer information and clients from third-party attacks and cybersecurity issues. 
Better branding, with the it'seeze team, helps the company to appear more professional and keep the attention of potential clients. 
Simplicity, as the it'seeze web design and support team, completes the majority of design and administrative tasks to free up your time for more important work. 

Try it'seeze 

If you’re considering changing your company’s digital presence, get in touch with the it'seeze team today. Our team are happy to talk over the phone, respond to a contact form or talk through your issues with a no-obligation Zoom call to discuss your company’s needs and how we can approach your issues. Contact the it'seeze team today and find out how you can transform your website today. 
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