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Lockdown and COVID-19 have had a deeply rooted impact on our lives, both personal and professional. One can see the impacts clearly while looking upon the transformation in marketing and communication in business. 
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The pandemic has changed the face of daily business communication. Brands are looking for new marketing strategies that can match the latest "stay home, stay safe" motto of the entire world. Hence, small businesses need to alter their focus and offer something more relevant and functional for their clients to meet this new trend of the digital arena. 

What to do to keep your business on track? 

It is essential to understand your role as a business owner to keep your company on track in this transition process. As restrictions are gradually eased, people will be going back to their daily routines (before the lockdown era), whilst keeping those "dos and don'ts" in mind. In such a situation, your digital business must adopt changes that are relevant and effective for coping with this new lifestyle. 
You need to know how to adapt to these changes in the current digital landscape to make your brand available for your target audiences without compromising the health and safety issue of your workers and your clients. 

What are the common changes in digital landscape? 

We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements. This helps our website designers and developers to prepare professional websites that can make the daily operations of our clients easy and smooth after lockdown. 
Before you make any changes on your website, it’s useful to know about the most common changes in the digital landscape. 
Increase in online shopping 
Though this is nothing new for many people, many users are entirely new to this trend. The demand for online shopping has been growing in the last couple of years. Lockdown and the pandemic have made it mandatory for people to stay at home and order things online. 
Hence, the use of ecommerce websites to buy products has increased and taken on a whole new form in the digital arena. From shoes to medicines and from makeup products to gadgets – people are ordering and buying anything and everything online from ecommerce stores. 
Therefore, the demand for an affordable ecommerce website is higher than ever before. Even small businesses can obtain significant profits when they transform their conventional website into an online store. 
Video conferencing 
Whether you wish to consult your family physician or your child needs to attend his maths class – video conferencing is the "new normal" communication method for everyone. 
Even big corporations also plan their strategies and manage their daily operations through online video calls and meetings. Be it an in-house team meeting or a conference with the client – everything is going smoothly through this system due to lockdown. 
Even in some areas where restrictions have eased; people prefer to stay at home and utilise the technology to communicate with each other for business. 
Remote working 
There was a time when companies seldom considered the application of "work from home" for their employees under some unavoidable circumstances. Now, work from home has become the "new normal", and organisations are giving full support to their employees to stay at home and work remotely without any interruption. 
Therefore, websites need to be changed and updated to provide support to such working procedures. More and more cloud-based applications have been developed and upgraded on existing websites so that employees can carry out their daily tasks flawlessly. 
Keeping the security intact 
This new trend of the digital landscape brings a major threat to business owners and websites. The threat of being hacked and scammed has sadly become more common than ever. 
This is why company owners should always look for a reliable web design company that can ensure complete protection of their website and protect their online data from hackers. 
We improve and add the latest security features to our clients’ websites to keep them safe from hackers. No matter how many visitors are browsing your website, its safety should not be compromised if you are using the latest website security systems. 
New marketing trends after lockdown 
With the growing numbers of ecommerce websites created during lockdown, the trends that dictate marketing have changed a lot. For example, people are spending more time on social media platforms, and so companies are getting more and more involved and interactive on social media. 
Adding social media links to your business website has become an essential way to get in touch with clients and potential customers. 
At it'seeze Web Design Birmingham, we keep these charges in mind while developing and designing bespoke websites for local businesses. Our expert web designers help our clients to adopt such transformations in a relevant and effective manner. From designing engaging ecommerce websites to developing the latest security features for online stores – we are ready to help your business reach new heights online. Please get in touch with our team for more information. 
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