Najran, a family-owned and operated building and fencing company based in Birmingham City Centre, had been struggling with an outdated website that was not responsive and provided poor customer service from their previous provider. Recognising the need for a modern and user-friendly online presence, Najran turned to it'seeze, a leading web design and development company. This case study explores how It'seeze revamped Najran's website, improved its functionality, and provided ongoing support to enhance their online presence and customer experience. 

Who is Najran? 

Firstly let's cover who Najran Building Fencing and Gas Supplies are. They're a reputable company based in Birmingham, specialising in building and fencing services. As a family business, they prioritise providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a positive experience for every client. With their extensive expertise in the timber and building trade, they have established themselves as a reliable source for all fencing, concrete products, landscaping materials and hardware needs in Birmingham and surrounding areas. 
One of the company's key strengths lies in its ability to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. They take immense pride in delivering high-quality products at affordable rates, ensuring that customers receive excellent value for their money. To assist customers in finding the right solutions, Najran has a dedicated team of experts readily available to provide guidance and address customer queries.  
In addition to its comprehensive product range, Najran offers bespoke gate and shed manufacturing services. This ensures that customers receive tailor-made products that meet their specific requirements and project needs. The company places great emphasis on manufacturing top-notch products, ensuring that each item adheres to the highest standards and fulfils the customer's expectations. 
With over 17 years of dedicated service to the community in Birmingham, Najran is proud to have expanded to a new branch in Bromsgrove. This expansion reflects their growth and continued commitment to meeting customers' building and fencing needs. 
A landscape image of a fence in the garden

The challenges 

Najran faced several challenges with its previous website. Firstly, it was outdated and lacked a modern look and feel. Additionally, the website was not responsive, resulting in a poor user experience on mobile devices which would have been losing them potential customers.  
Furthermore, the company had experienced disappointing customer service from their previous website provider, which hindered its ability to make necessary updates and improvements. 

What were their goals? 

Najran's main goals were to create a modern and professional website, ensure responsiveness across all devices and improve the overall user experience. 
A fence being assembled
Thinking of a new website? 
Get in touch. 

How did it'seeze help? 

Recognising the need for a complete website overhaul, Najran approached it'seeze for its expertise in web design in Birmingham. It'seeze took on the project and provided a comprehensive solution tailored to Najran's specific requirements.  

View the Building and Fencing Website's transformation 

A brand new, modern and responsive website design for Najran the building and fencing company
The unresponsive website for Najran Building and Fencing company

About the website transformation 

It'seeze worked closely with Najran to understand their vision and goals for the new website.  
The design team at it'seeze implemented a modern and professional look, with a large banner featuring the company name in an extra-large font, immediately capturing visitors' attention.  
A sliding "Find Out More" button was strategically placed to guide users to explore the rest of the site.  
The website was enriched with large, high-quality imagery, showcasing Najran's products and services.  
Animated rollovers were incorporated, serving as interactive links to the main pages of the site, providing a visually engaging experience for visitors. 
To address the issue of non-responsiveness, it'seeze built a fully responsive website for Najran. This ensured that the website would adapt seamlessly to all screen sizes, like; mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.  
The new website provided an optimal viewing and browsing experience, enhancing engagement and usability for visitors, regardless of the device they were using. 
Building a fence

Our ongoing support for Najran 

Like any it'seeze website, we provided ongoing support throughout the entire process. This ensured that any questions or concerns from Najran were promptly addressed, and necessary adjustments were made to meet their evolving needs. It'seeze also expanded its services by providing business email and domain hosting for Najran, streamlining its online communication and branding efforts. 

How can it'seeze help you? 

If you are facing challenges with an outdated website, lack of enquiries, poor customer service, or the need for a modern and responsive online presence, it'seeze is here to help
We specialise in providing bespoke website design, ensuring that your site reflects your unique brand identity and meets your specific requirements. Our easy-to-use website editor empowers you to make updates and changes effortlessly. With affordable pricing and friendly local support, we are committed to assisting you every step of the way, delivering a website that enhances your online presence, increases sales and improves customer experience. 
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