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A website redesign is a detailed process of re-constructing the site as per the current business strategies and goals of a company. This process includes updating content, improving the navigation, refreshing layouts and changing the colour combination of pages. 
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Your website is the face of your business. It is there to build your online identity. People will know about your brand through your ecommerce or brochure website. They will also learn about your business ideas and offerings through the site. Hence, it is important to keep your website updated and efficient enough to serve the users properly. 

How Do You Know If Your Brand Needs a Website Redesign? 

1. You Are Targeting New Customers 
When you are planning a rebranding of your business, you need to refresh the website. An improved look and feel will always help you to attract new customers. The rebranding also includes changing the business logo, colour schemes, typography, graphic elements and others. Your website will be ready with a brand new look for a new group of target audiences. 
2. Your Existing Website Seems Outdated 
When you hire someone for ecommerce website design in Birmingham, you need to understand the importance of having something alluring and up to date. A website with an outdated design and unattractive layout will not grab the attention of the audience. When you notice that your website seems outdated or boring – you should consider hiring website redesigning experts. 
3. You Do Not Have a Responsive Website 
To match the demand and trends of modern web users, you must have a website with responsive features. If your business website is not a responsive one, you must rearrange things. Ask your website designer to change the design and develop a responsive website for your brand so that your users can browse it from various devices and visit it on different sizes of screens. This is an era of a multi-screen culture where people love to browse their favourite websites on their mobile phones, laptops and other devices too. If your website does not have this multi-screen accessibility feature, you will lose potential business. 
4. Your Website is Not Generating Revenue 
At the end of the day, the main job of a website is to help you in earning revenue. If your website fails to do so, you need to rearrange it in a better way. Look at the website as a general visitor to understand what is lacking. Why do people like or dislike the website? It can be the content that is outdated or the colour that looks too bright or extremely dull. It can be poor navigation or something more technical that stop the users from exploring all the features of your website. The result can be devastating for your business. You will lose your clients and stop generating revenue from your website. Hence, it is necessary to change the website before it is too late. 
5. Stagnant Website 
If there is no change done to your website for several years, you must consider consulting the top website design company in Birmingham for a better solution. They will inspect every aspect of your existing website and suggest to you how to change the same. A stagnant website often makes your business stagnant as well. When you plan to add the latest marketing technologies or have some massive changes in your business plans, you have to change the website to support that plan and technology. 
6. You Are Getting Complaints from Your Clients and Users 
If you frequently receive complaints from your users and clients regarding your website, you should take this as a clear sign. A well-developed and smartly designed website always fulfils all the requirements of the users. If your users cannot browse your products or make the payment, that means there is something wrong. If you find that your users are not happy with the website you offer them to visit, you should not delay hiring an expert for website revamping. 
All these points clearly indicate that your existing website must be rearranged and improved to look good and help you earn more revenue. When you think your website needs a change, you should consult experienced and efficient website designers in Birmingham for the right results. 
A well-designed and well-developed website can be strong support for your business. It will work as your online office and store. People will recognise your brand through your website. Hence, regular maintenance and proper upgradation are required to be in a secured position in this competitive market. 
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