Where to get new content ideas for your website 
You want your website to rank highly on search engines and to keep visitors to your site engaged, but to do this you need to keep updating its content. 
Avoid breaching copyright laws and being penalised by search engines, this content needs to be original. So how do you keep coming up with new and unique content for your website? 
1. Piggy-back on current issues 
Is there anything happening in the international, national, or even local news, or have any credible reports that have recently been published that could be applied to your products or services? For example, with reports of an early Autumn due to set in soon, a plumber could produce content about the risks of not getting boilers checked before the colder weather hits. 
2. Make a video 
There is no denying the power of video in today’s digital society and with advances of video recording capabilities on mobile phones, it’s never been easier to create a great video yourself. The challenge is to create something people will actually want to watch. 
3. Ask people 
Find out what your target audience want to know about. Talk to potential customers and your existing customers and find out what information might be of interest to them. Make use of social media to generate suggestions for articles or types of tips to be added to your website and in turn drive traffic to your website. 
4. Spy on the competition 
Check out what your competitors are doing by looking at their website and social media feeds and sign up for their newsletters. Get ideas from them and then make what you do even better. 
5. Reuse what’s already worked/working 
Find out from your website analytics tools just what pages are engaging people by the time they are spending on a page and how many visitors they attract, as well as if any of the content is shared on social media. You can then reproduce similar material. Just don’t overdo it or people will soon become bored. 
6. Find out what isn’t working on your site 
You can tell this from your website analytics tool by how much time people are spending on a page and how many clicks and shares on social media the content has. Try a different approach to what isn’t currently engaging people by maybe refreshing the copy, changing the layout or adding a video or an image and see if user engagement increases. 
7. Blog about other people’s content 
Whilst you can’t just copy and paste other people’s work, you can include relevant images and text if for the purposes of fair use. Fair use means you can use other’s materials for the purpose of review or evaluation – just ensure you give full credit to whoever’s work you a using within the blog 
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