5 things that could ruin your website 
Your professionally designed website has gone live, it looks great and everything is in working order, but as time goes by you need to make changes to keep it up to date. One of the great things about a content management system (CMS) is the ability to edit your website content whenever you like. But with great power comes great responsibility, so here is a list of things to avoid when editing your site! 
1. Adding clashing colours: keep to the colour palette. 
In most cases, sticking to the existing colour palette will give better, more consistent results. 
This will show a consistent branding along your website. 
Yes, you can bring some other colours, just be careful... 
2. Setting a page live before it’s finished: just hide it temporarily 
You've created a new page for your website, but it’s not finished yet: so don't let your visitors see it! Otherwise people stumbling across your ‘work in progress’ will think that either something is wrong with your website or worse still that you simply couldn't be bothered to finish it. 
3. Replacing images with low quality ones 
Whilst it’s a good idea to change your images regularly to keep them up-to-date, be sure to replace them only with images of equal quality. 
If you're a technical guru then a quality image is at least 1000 pixels wide. If ‘pixels’ mean nothing to you then a simple rule of thumb is if an image looks in any way fuzzy or out of focus then don’t use it. 
4. Adding or replacing text with CAPITAL LETTERS AND !!!!!!!!!!! 
If you need to emphasise some text on your website then avoid doing this with a lot of capital letters or by over-using punctuation. It might be eye-catching but for all the wrong reasons. 
Instead only capitalise, make bold, or enlarge key phrases — but never incorrectly use grammar for a dramatic effect. It will just look unprofessional. 
5. Removing your SEO metadata 
In simple terms a website’s ‘metadata’ is text that describes the content of each page. Your website’s metadata serves two purposes: 
To help search engines decide how relevant your page is to someone’s search 
If you appear in search results, this is the text that they will read to decide whether to click and view your website or not 
Be careful when modifying this metadata and don’t remove keywords that could help your ranking. 
Having a professionally designed website with a top quality content management system will make a difference to your business's on-line reputation. 
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