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Take a closer look at any website, and you will notice that typography occupies 90% of the site. The primary objective of any professionally designed website is to help your customers find out more about the services or products you are offering. How you write and arrange the content on the site can play a very vital role. 
Almost every reputable web design company knows the importance of typography. If you are not familiar with the term, typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the written content clear, legible, and visually appealing to visitors. The right typography design therefore has the potential to make your site look more attractive, all whilst improving its readability. You can also use it to create a more positive user experience. 
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What is a good website design? 

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The easiest way you can convey your business's intent to your online visitors is with a good website design. A simple and easy way to outshine your competitors in today's digital world is with the right typography and fonts. Though you can choose from a wide variety of designs, there has been a recent increase in demand for typography in website design. You can make it an extension of your brand and attract more customers. 
But before you start designing your website, make sure you choose the right typography. Instead of choosing any random font, ensure that it is suitable for your industry. The design should also complement your company's brand image. You can maintain consistency in your website and make it look aesthetically pleasing with the right font choices. 

A few points to consider when including typography in your website design:  


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Though you can choose from a wide variety of fonts for your website's content, make sure you don't shortlist the one which is the most flashy or attractive. You have to understand that every industry has a different set of typefaces that will work best. The type of font you will use as a beauty product manufacturer will be different from the one used by an engineering company or law firm, for example.  
While decorative fonts will help you attract more customers to your website, innovative fonts will build interest in your viewer's mind. If you can't decide what type of font will help you build the brand image you are looking for, start looking for experienced web designers. They will consider what type of message you want to convey through your website and choose a typography style accordingly. 

Number Of Typefaces 

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If you think that using various types of fonts on your website will make it more appealing, think again. Using numerous fonts can make any site unorganised. Instead of making your website enjoyable, too many different colours and fonts can confuse your viewers. It might even shift their focus from the important content you want them to read.  
Professional website designers will always try to use a maximum of 4 typefaces when designing a website. Minimising the number of fonts and colours you are using is necessary if you want to give the site a professional look. It will also provide the website design with a consistent, branded feel. 

Size Of The Text 

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Generally, people sit at a distance of 20-22 inches from the screen when using a laptop or computer. It would be best to consider this when deciding on the size of the text in your website design.  
The text on the site should not be too large but legible enough so that you can read it properly without putting much strain on your eyes. You also don't want your users to have to zoom in on the content because the text is too small or illegible. Choosing the wrong font size will harm your user experience.  
You should also try to maintain an accurate distance between the characters and words, as it will impact how the content appears on your site. 

Text Weighting 

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You can improve the readability of a website by changing the weight of the words. It will also help you highlight some specific areas of content on your website that you want your visitors to focus on.  
There are two ways you can attract the attention of your target audience. One is by increasing the weight of the important words - i.e. making text bold - and another is by using multiple font styles. You can use Google to download web-safe fonts for free. You also have to understand that the same font will look different on different platforms. 

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