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Even if a website with a static design looks good on your computer, you need something more dynamic in this competitive world. Most people use their mobile devices to access the internet. Smartphones have different screen dimensions and you need a responsive website design that can load your site without any disruptions. 
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Choose a reputable web design company and their team will ensure that your website looks great on mobile phones and laptop screens. Your user experience will improve, leading to higher conversion rates and business growth. The experienced web designers at it'seeze Web Design Birmingham can also help you choose between an adaptive and responsive design by explaining their differences. 

Difference Between Adaptive And Responsive Design 

When a website uses static layouts which don't respond when initially loaded, it has an Adaptive Design. It detects the screen size and accordingly chooses an appropriate layout before loading. A Responsive Design, on the other hand, can adapt to any screen size, irrespective of the type of device you are using. The design uses CSS media queries to change styles according to the height, width and type of the target device. 
Choosing a responsive design for your website is mandatory if you want it to adapt to different screens. Though the approach of both the web design trends is different, they control how a site looks on different screens. 

Why Has Responsive Design Become So Popular? 

People new to web development, design or blogging often wonder why responsive website designs are so popular. It is because designing your website for a single device is not sufficient anymore. Mobile traffic occupies a significant portion of website traffic as compared to desktop traffic. Since most of your visitors are browsing the internet using a mobile device, having a website designed only for desktops can lead to a bad user experience. 
Most search engine visits are through mobile devices. It has become a common advertising channel. Companies that are advertising on social media or using YouTube SEO get most traffic from mobile users. To maximise the impact of your marketing efforts, you need a landing page that has been optimised for mobile. Bad conversion rates with an adaptive web design mean there will be fewer leads. 

Top 4 Features Of A Responsive Website Design 

Adaptable To All Devices 
One of the primary benefits of having a responsive website design is a good user experience irrespective of their device and screen sizes. The flexible design can adapt to any screen resolution, which enhances its appeal. A site with a responsive design will work effortlessly for all devices and ensure a positive user experience. It will adjust according to the screen by repositioning content, changing font size and resizing images. 
Support All Browsers 
It is not only about the device; a responsive website design is also compatible with almost all search engines. It is one of the most beneficial features of these websites. The experienced designers at it'seeze Web Design Birmingham know why Google loves websites with responsive designs. The more compatible a website is with the search engines, the better will be its visibility. Better visibility will get more traffic to your site and you will notice a rise in the income graph. 
Helps In SEO 
If you want to achieve your SEO goals faster, a responsive website design can be beneficial. If a site is not compatible with smartphones, developers have to work more to build mobile sites. It also becomes a challenge for SEO experts to optimise links of both desktop and mobile sites. If your website has a responsive design, they have to optimise the links just once and their burden of work will be reduced. There are few companies in Birmingham which provide both SEO and website designing services. 
Affordable and Low Maintenance 
Small business owners widely prefer responsive website designs because of their affordability and low maintenance. They don't have to pay website designers more to develop numerous versions of the same site and make them compatible with smartphones, iPods, laptops and desktops. A single site with responsive characteristics can adapt to all screen sizes. Not only will it reduce the amount business owners have to pay for website designing but also offer ease of maintenance. 
Since there are so many ways a responsive website design can benefit your business, it's time you get in touch with the skilled designers at it'seeze Web Design Birmingham. 
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