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Your website is the online identity of your business. Whether it is a portfolio site or an ecommerce website – it bears your brand name and promotes brand awareness among your target audience. Hence, you need to be careful about its security. 
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Why is accessibility important? 

Website security is as vital as maintaining the security of assets like a house, office, store or factory. However, since it is a virtual world, threats are more challenging, and you need to be more careful than ever. 
Hackers attack or plan to attack a website every 20 seconds, which has a huge impact on UK businesses. Just like you would never leave the front door of your home wide open for the trespassers, you should not leave your website easy to access for hackers. They look for several quick wins when they hack a website or an online business. 
But do not panic; there are solutions! It is possible to keep your website secure from hackers. Website security is not a big task when you hire the right web development team. 

Things to add or do to enhance website security 

Install SSL 
Have you ever wondered what that "S" means in "HTTPS" in your URL? Or what that padlock sign means in your address bar? It is called SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, which guarantees the security of the website and its users. When you install an SSL certificate on your website, it helps you encrypt data passing between your users and the website. Hence, there are fewer chances of getting permission to visit your website from an unreliable source. 
When a website does not install an SSL certificate, Google will notify the users that they are about to visit a "not-secured" website where their data can be unprotected. 
Now, SSL can have different layers depending on the type of website you have. For ecommerce websites, this layer becomes more robust and strict than others. 
Use High-Class Anti-Malware Software 
This may sound cliché for you, but using high-class "anti-malware software" actually helps you to protect your website from hackers and scammers. Though there can be a lot of technical jargon involved, you should not worry about it since you know that all of them are working for you. 
Your web developer can help you choose from a wide range of anti-malware options to suit the privacy and security needs of your online store. Some of these systems allow you to set your security levels as per your bespoke needs and budget. Some of the top security services you can enjoy through these applications are; 
Malware detection and removal 
Web scanning 
Vulnerability patching 
Web application firewall 
DDoS protection 
PCI compliance 
Your website builder or hosting service provider will help you enhance the security of your website through multiple strategies and applications. The list includes; 
Hacking protection 
SSL certification 
DDoS protection 
Automatic backups 
These are some of the basic levels of website security that every site owner must have. Whenever you are looking for a hosting service provider, you should ensure that these basic features are included in their range of solutions because excellent website security starts with having a robust and trusted web host. 
Make the Passwords Strong 
Passwords are everywhere in our life. From online banking to online businesses – we use it everywhere. Maybe this is the reason; sometimes, we take it for granted. We know passwords are important but fail to understand how important they can be. 
Website security analysts agree that sometimes it is only the password that stands between your website and the hackers. This is the easiest thing to change and protect to enhance the security of a website and its data. 
Always make your password strong and untraceable. Create the password using numerical characters, capital and lowercase letters and special characters. 
You can try; 
Combining three unrelated, random but memorable phrases 
Using a randomly created sequence of characters 
Avoiding using your birth or anniversary dates 
Making it long 
Using different passwords in different websites 
Changing your password regularly 
Keep the Website Up-to-date 
This does not mean posting the latest news and articles on the website. It is all about keeping the software systems up-to-date and keeping track of all the security layers you have on the site. 
Run updates of all your plugins and keep the core software up-to-date to avoid unwanted hazards. Upgrade them before they become outdated and create threats to your website security protocols. 
All these may seem a bit difficult to manage and remember as a website owner. However, your website developer or web hosting service provider will make the job easier for you. Whether you are looking for a company to get flawless ecommerce website design in Birmingham or need a great web development solution – these experts will ensure you secured services. 
Here, at it'seeze Web Design Birmingham, we can help you take care of your website design and development, offering you a secure and affordable website that exactly meets your needs. Find out more by exploring our web design services, viewing our portfolio, or getting in touch with our friendly team. 
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