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Cox Cooper is a renowned company located in Birmingham, offering all types of employment and business advice to companies, individuals and partners. Their business is solely based on flawless communication and regular interactions with their clients. In this process, the role of a website is crucial. The company used to have an old-fashioned website with slow features. 
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Such kinds of businesses need something fast, efficient and updated to serve their clients better. The website Cox Cooper used to have was difficult to edit; hence they could not update it as per their needs. They needed something easy-to-edit and fast for better online branding of their business. They chose the Max package

How did it'seeze Websites Help them to Obtain an Improved Website? 

The it'seeze team of website designers and developers studied their old site closely and had several discussions with the client's team to understand their core requirements. Our experts wished to showcase the true features of Cox Cooper to their clients for a better and stronger online presence. 
Therefore, we started working on their website to make it more presentable, editable and efficient as per their daily operations and business goals. Keeping their business area in mind, we used some simple yet robust designing features on their Home Page to make it look appealing. 

A Trendy Website for a Professional Team 

After spending so many years in this industry of website design in Birmingham, we understand that people love to visit trendy and elegant websites. Hence, we love to give them what they want. We designed a trendy website with some advanced features like; 
Easy to use web editor 
Simple blogging 
Total control 
Unlimited pages 
Total control and simple blogging help the team of Cox Cooper to add, edit or delete blogs on their website as per their requirements and business plans. They have complete access to the website to change and add content to make it more relevant and efficient for their business. This feature allows them to reap all the benefits of having a stylish and smart website and grow business through it. 
We have added some quick links to their Home Page, which will make navigation easy and fast for their visitors. As per our experience, often visitors find it boring and time-consuming to go to the search bar and type what they are looking for. Getting page links through drop-down can also be time-consuming for some viewers. These quick links on Home Page will help them to visit their desired page with one click only. 
Besides, the Drop-Down menu is designed and developed precisely through which one can get complete information about all the services Cox Cooper provides to their clients. 

Uninterrupted Local Support 

As a trusted and reputable Birmingham web design company, it'seeze is always right there to offer uninterrupted local support to Cox Cooper. They can call us anytime for help to maintain and manage their newly built website. We work as their local website consultant and provide them with constant support. 
Unlimited Potential 
With this new website, the company can easily outperform their competitors in the web world. They can add unlimited potential to their brand with this custom made and highly adaptable website. 
Simple Blogging 
Our team of experienced and efficient website designers and developers added simple blog pages which are SEO-ready. Hence, the team of Cox Cooper can easily use those blogs for optimising their rank on search engines. Since Google loves fresh and relevant content, the latest blog posting can be a great support for their SEO strategies. 
Unlimited Pages 
We created a website with unique features and added ten professionally designed pages. The in-house team of Cox Cooper can add as many pages as they desire to ensure steady growth of their website and be relevant in the market. 
Total Control 
As the owner of the website, it is highly required to get complete control over it. Our designer and developer team executed their tasks in such a way that the business owner will have total control over the website. Our experts will show them everything that they need to know to control the website in future. This is something really exciting and fascinating for clients. 

Final Outcome 

With colour combinations like white, grey and black, the website of Cox Cooper looks highly sophisticated and alluring. Besides, easy navigation and elegant fonts give the website a smart look that suits the mood and tone of this particular business. 
The final outcome is quite fascinating, and the core team of Cox Cooper loves it. They like the idea of having constant support from their it'seeze consultant as a local guide. 
As a reputable and reliable Birmingham web design company, we are also happy to serve such a prestigious brand. 
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