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A: It is not possible to delete negative reviews that have been left on your Google My Business listing. However, if you receive a fake negative review, e.g. from a competitor or a disgruntled employee, it is possible to flag this for removal. 
You can learn how to do this here: 
The best way to deal with a genuine negative review is to respond to the customer in a professional manner – address their complaint and offer to fix the problem. Your response will be seen by potential customers, so it’s important to show that you’re committed to delivering good customer service. Learn how to flag inappropriate reviews. 


You might think that a bad review is always bad for business, but research suggests otherwise. 
Visitors will actually spend 5 times as long on a website that features bad reviews, trust those reviews more, and convert into paying customers 85% more often. This is because the odd negative review helps to lend credibility to your overall rating, and also leaves potential customers better informed about your products or services. 
Of course you should always aim for a positive star rating overall, but don’t be too afraid of negative reviews to ask your clients for their honest feedback – it may just give your online business the boost it needs! 
Adam, Support manager 
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