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Website design plays a crucial role in creating a successful online shop. It can transform the website visitors into potential customers. Good ecommerce website design elements give the consumers an exclusive shopping experience by focusing attention on the company's products. This way, you increase the conversion rate and the website traffic, consequently promoting revenue and sales. 
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Consider these factors for excellent ecommerce website design: 

1. Keep it simple 

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One of the major priorities for any ecommerce website should be to keep the design simple yet attractive. Simple is always better. Including more elements creates a jumble and distracts attention away from the main focus of the website. It is vital to focus on getting your website visitors through the sales funnel. 

2. Focus on branding 

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If you are working on an ecommerce website, remember to give your brand a strong identity. 
Implement branding into the design and establish an identifiable online presence for the brand. The brand is the DNA of ecommerce, and it plays a considerable role in driving sales. 

3. Think like a website visitor 

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Any potential customer will demand the following from a well-designed website – easily navigable, straightforward, and hassle-free. While designing, try to put yourself in the customer's shoes. This way, you can anticipate all their requirements and provide a great user experience using the proper design techniques. 

4. Balance the colour scheme 

website color scheme
While choosing the right colours for your online shop website, try to understand the psychology behind them and make the right selection. See how you can use it to your maximum advantage.  
Colours inspire feelings, actions, and emotions from people. This proves how colour is a powerful tool that helps increase conversion rates and business credibility. 

5. Use high-quality images 

graphics and photography
In the world of website design, images play a crucial role to leverage conversion. Nobody will buy a product they can't properly assess from the images. So to draw the consumer's attention, get professional photos taken of your products. This builds confidence and trust in the audience. They are more likely to purchase the product if they find the images satisfactory. 

6. Provide easy to read content 

quality content
You can craft long descriptions for your ecommerce products, but no one will read them. As designers, focus on implementing content that the customers can scan to get the necessary information.  
To get your point across, break the content up, keep the paragraphs short, and use bullet pointed lists instead of massive text blocks. This should enable your company to make more sales. 

7. Make it responsive 

responsive website design
Today, with increased smartphone access, it is imperative for ecommerce website designers to make your online shop mobile-friendly. It will help you capture the interest of more customers across a wide range of devices. Make sure that the website is responsive. Otherwise, you will fail to convince them about your valuable products or encourage them to make a purchase. 

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