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There is no getting around the fact that 2021, like its predecessor, was an incredibly strange year for industries across the UK. The realm of web design was no exception as new methods of effective web design were introduced and trends developed as the months rolled by. It can be quite hard predicting the way web design could evolve over the year ahead; however, in an attempt to do just that, we will be discussing some of the new design trends that you should be looking out for in 2022. 
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A lot of these trends are reasonably complex and as such, if you are interested in incorporating them into your professional website design then you may want to enlist the help of an organisation such as It’seeze Birmingham. We have a team of creative web designers who will bring your company’s website to life in a way that you have never seen before. 

Inclusive Web Design 

Inclusivity is something that has always been considered by professional designers and now, its relevance is more important than ever as people are making every effort to ensure that websites and brands are able to offer inclusion in places where it didn’t exist previously. This whole process has an effect on every single step taken when conducting professional website design. This includes in depth planning when you are thinking about your brand’s (and subsequently your website’s) audience, what you want your tone of voice to be and how you are going to personalise things. 
A good example of this can be seen that with a lot of businesses, when they are creating icons or illustrations that have functional purposes, they are being created using images that are gender neutral. This offers diversity whilst still being playful and allowing creativity within your brand. 

Engaging Storytelling 

Granted, a lot of businesses prefer to keep it straightforward on their website with an image and text for both simplicity and SEO purposes; however, storytelling is now being used in a way which is having a massive impact on how businesses present themselves. 
This form of storytelling does not use as much text but is heavily reliant on using different visual effects in order to captivate different audiences and getting them engaged with a brand very simply. Effective web design in this context means throwing your view into an experience and creating different elements that are sequenced together and organised in order to convey different meanings to visitors. 
In the same way that people reading a book or magazine will do so at their own pace, this kind of design will allow them to have the same approach when it comes to navigating and controlling the website they’re on. It makes the whole experience feel much more personalised to a user and this improves interaction and conversion. 

Scrolling Horizontally 

People are generally used to scrolling vertically when they are browsing on different websites and whilst this is still widely the case, that does not mean it will stay this way throughout 2022. A lot of websites, especially those which are showing a portfolio, catalogue or map, are now finding that people who are visiting such online galleries much prefer to scroll horizontally. Obviously this isn’t going to apply to every business’s website design but it will likely be incorporated by a few. Horizontal galleries make the website a lot more appealing to those who are visiting it and people tend to have more fun when browsing as well, which again is likely to lead to a lot more customer interaction and overall engagement. 
Animation Within Typography 
Typography is incredibly important when it comes to effective website design as if it doesn’t draw a prospective customer in right away, they are less likely to stay on the site. This means that brands everywhere are incredibly keen to create engaging typography for their clients and one of the ways they are doing this is through animation. 
When text is moving, within that movement it is usually able to establish a number of different things that the brand is trying to emphasise. This includes the likes of tone, the enhancement of more important segments and it can also capture the viewer’s eye more easily.  
This was originally introduced way back in the 60’s as movies everywhere began to use animated text in their titles; however, it is now something that is being adopted throughout the realm of professional website design. 
Brutalist Typography 
Staying on the subject of typography, a lot of businesses are also using it in a much more brutalist sense. The amount of ruggedness and glaringness that comes with such text means that a website can pop out much more effectively than it ever would have done previously. 
A lot of web design in the modern age tends to come across quite light and minimalistic, whereas the brutalist typography is in stark contrast to that. As such, when people go on a website they can be startled by just how much different everything looks compared to what they’re used to. This tends to spark intrigue and encourages people to stick around and see what a business has to offer. 
The realm of web design is constantly changing thanks to the fact that trends in design are always going to evolve. 2022 is no exception to this, as there are likely going to be several changes to the popular ways a website should be designed in the months to come. The above are just some examples of the new trends that we are likely to see moving forward. 
If your business needs assistance with its website design, then you should consider contacting It’seeze Web Design Birmingham. We can offer affordable web design that is both modern and conveys your business in a way that reflects your tone of voice, customer care and everything else that you pride yourself on. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the services we can offer. 
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