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Small businesses always need some extra care and support to flourish. Especially when it is a pandemic, the requirement will become more than ever. There are various business grants and other kinds of assistance for small businesses to make their journey smooth and easy. 
Even if you hire the top Birmingham website design company to get a brilliant website for your startup, you need additional support to survive during this lockdown and pandemic situation in the UK. 
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Many private and government organisations have plans and programs to provide funds and other kinds of assistance to these small brands and help them to get a secured position in the industry. 

Business Grants for Small Businesses in the UK 

The UK government has plenty of programs and grants for small businesses to make their initiatives and plans successful. These programs are designed for various types of small businesses keeping their primary goals and profit margin in mind. 
The Prince's Trust Enterprise Programme 
Gigabit Broadband vouchers 
Government apprenticeships 
Innovate UK Smart grants 
These grants are approved to the companies that are proven to be efficient and lucrative for the overall growth of the UK economy. These grants will help in research and development tasks as well as the production and marketing of goods as per their business plans. 

Free Business Advice and Support 

If you think that your startup or small business needs the advice to grow, you can rely on Gov.UK. Small companies that are in their planning phase can also visit this website to get free advice and support for future endeavours, which will make the national economy stronger and better. You can obtain advice on financial planning for running a company, links to various government and non-government schemes, business plans, and others. Your business can also get advice on HR strategies and marketing plans to run the daily operations smoothly with limited funds and employees. 
Companies are ready to help you prepare White Papers, Email marketing plans, marketing events, and other strategies, including procedural advice to keep things on track. 

Business Networking Groups in Birmingham 

There are many networking groups that help small businesses grow and achieve their goals within the deadlines. When you can get attached to your local networking groups, they can be a strong supporter of your brand and business. Their local events and programs can promote your brand and make your business a well-known name among the local clients. 
You can also take help from various social media groups and local Chamber of Commerce, local entrepreneurs associations, and online business groups that help each other to grow in this tough time. They share and participate in each other's virtual and real events to make things more visible and popular among potential clients. 
Good networking can make things easy and smooth for small businesses. Startups with minimal budgets can get huge help from large and strong networking groups regarding business promotion, ideas, and strategy planning. 

COVID 19 Relief Funds 

The current pandemic and lockdown make things tougher than ever for small business owners in Birmingham and the rest of the UK. No matter what industry you belong to, you find it challenging to survive during the lockdown and post lockdown period. In such conditions, there are various government and private COVID 19 relief funds available for small business owners to make their battle a bit easy. 
The main aim of these funds is to support businesses with the right advice, planning, and fund to fulfil their requirements. Hence, the daily productions will not be interrupted. These funds are available for small business owners and self-employed individuals as well. 
With this fund, you can pay your employees, pay taxes, buy raw materials, get support for business restrictions due to coronavirus, and get financially backed up for this certain period. This can be a big help for small organisations that have to run their daily operations during the pandemic but cannot manage within their small fund. This relief fund will make their business grow without any hassle. 

Mentoring and Funding 

Apart from that, there are lots of organisations in the UK that are ready to offer assistance, support, and advice to startups and small businesses with their daily operations. These organisations work throughout the year with the aim of making the national economy flourished by ensuring the development of the small business industry. They act as the mentor and financier for these small companies to fulfil their big dreams. 
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