You've a great website - it looks great and does everything you want it to, but nobody knows it even exists! This is a common problem as more and more business complete online for valuable space on the top pages of Google. These 4 simple tips will help boost your rankings in search engines, encouraging more traffic to your website.  
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1. Update products and services 
Whenever you change or increase what you offer clients be sure to communicate this on your website by altering the relevant descriptions and updating the appropriate images. 
TOP TIP: Add the word ‘new’ and/or a date when describing any products and services added to your website, such as ‘new for May’. This suggests to visitors that you keep your content up-to-date, encouraging clients to return to see what’s new in the future. 
2. Update promotions 
Everyone loves a bargain and if you offer timely discounts on a regular basis, clients gradually expect these and are likely to return to your site to see what the latest offer is, as well as tell friends and family about it. 
TOP TIP: Consider offering a ‘deal of the week/month’ to keep visitors returning to your site on a consistent basis. 
3. Add videos 
Videos are a great way of increasing engagement on your website. Whether it’s a demonstration video, a tour around your premises, or a client’s success stories, even the simplest of videos can be highly effective. 
TOP TIP: Don’t replace your text with videos as this can negatively affect your search engine optimisation. Videos should be used in conjunction with text. 
4. Add reviews, testimonials and recommendations 
Any comments you get about what a great service or products you offered, or even an award that you win, should be continuously published on your website. This not only helps keep your content fresh and relevant but it means people will be more inclined to do business with you. 
TOP TIP: Always state who the the author of the testimonial is. For examples Jo Bloggs, Managing Director of Joe Bloggs Ltd. This increases peoples confidence that your testimonials are authentic and not made up. 
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