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Well, 2021 seemed to absolutely fly by. One of the reasons for this is likely because of the number of new challenges that our business faced. These were the same challenges that affected a whole range of different organisations across the entire world, as the coronavirus pandemic continued to rattle the economy and force developments in technology in particular at an unprecedented rate. 
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Still, we at It’seeze websites Birmingham are proud of the work that we’ve done as we have managed to continue to help local businesses in and around Birmingham by offering them great support with the design and upkeep of their website. The majority of this work has been done remotely (for obvious reasons) but our standard of customer service has not slipped as a result. Not to mention, we have been happy to meet with clients who would rather speak face-to-face. We pride ourselves on the versatility of our service, so long as restrictions have allowed as much, and all parties remain safe and socially distanced throughout the process. 

What Work Have We Done? 

At It’seeze Birmingham we have done plenty of work to ensure that businesses get as many visitors to their websites as possible and also when those visitors come onto websites, they stick around in order to explore what is on offer. The best way to do this is with a capsulating website that clearly shows what your brand does, with easy to read and SEO-friendly copy as well as frequent blog posts that ensure you continue to rank highly on Google. 
We have worked with businesses in a variety of different industries. These include the likes of fitness, medicine, retail, food, photography, finance, entertainment, accountants, legal, recruitment, telecoms and many more. 
How Have We Improved Over 2021? 
It is easy to see how much we as a business have improved as this is a direct reflection on how much your website has improved after we get involved. We have seen massive improvements in the websites that we have been making for our customers due to the fact that we offer a variety of new and great features. These vary depending on the package that each business decides to purchase but they include the following: 
Better integration with LinkedIn and Facebook 
Your website, what your business does and the services that you offer as a whole can now be integrated with the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn a lot more easily. This is massively important due to the fact more and more businesses now generate interest from new and existing clients by advertising themselves on the likes of social media. 
Facebook is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to getting attention from consumers whereas LinkedIn can be used very effectively as a means of B2B marketing. The simpler integration means promoting yourself on such platforms and having a seamless presence on them is much easier. 
The Integration of Stock Images 
The websites we create can now have stock images integrated on them much easier and in a way that both looks great and draws a customer’s attention. What are ‘stock’ images? They are essentially a really helpful resource when it comes to getting photos that are both cheap and high in quality. These are then used in a variety of different designs such as on websites and in ads. They make what you are selling or promoting stand out in a much more effective way and so are great for marketing and advertising. 
Shop Set-Up Wizard 
Of course, it is one thing getting customers onto your website, but this isn’t enough in order to generate revenue. You need to be converting your site visits into sales and the best way to do this is to make sales on your site. Thanks to our shop set-up wizard, it is easy to do this and also add to your shop once it has initially been set up, allowing you to continue selling your products with ease. 
Improved Online Website Design Brief 
Due to the fact face to face meetings do not take place as much anymore, producing an exceptional brief that clearly communicates what you want to get out of your website is absolutely crucial. We do this effectively at It’seeze Birmingham with our new and improved online website design brief. 
Product Colour Switches on Ecommerce 
If you are selling products that come in a variety of different colours and want to be able to showcase them all simply rather than list each individual colour as a different item, then we are able to do this. 
New Payment Gateways 
Having an efficient website is crucial when it comes to generating sales and what can cause a sale to fall through tends to vary massively. This could be down to how a product is worded, the design of your site or in this instance, how people actually pay for a product. The different methods of payment vary, whether people want to use Google Pay, PayPal or simply their card. The fact is you need to make each of these an option in order to increase the number of sales that you generate as a result. Thanks to the new payment gateways that It’seeze Websites Birmingham can install on your site, this will not be an issue. 
Product Carousel 
This was originally introduced on the likes of Google and Facebook but now can be integrated onto your site. A product carousel is a very easy method for businesses to showcase the variety of products that they have on offer. 
Similar to many businesses, we at It’seeze Birmingham have had a year faced with challenges as a result of the continued uncertainty that came with the coronavirus pandemic. That being said, we are very proud of the work that we have been able to continue offering businesses even in these unusual times. 
We have managed to grow in 2021 and offer new organisations top quality websites thanks to the increased range of features that we offer. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch. 
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