You know your website needs an 'About Us' page but what do you include and what do you exclude from this page? Follow these simple guidelines to create an About Us page that will engage visitors to your website and encourage them to do business with you.  
Use the About Us page to include milestones, achievements, and credentials that are not featured elsewhere on your website. 
Use a friendly tone and describe your company in simple terms. If someone asked you to tell them about your company, what would you say? Your About Us page should read like a natural and genuine response to this question that tells a story and personally engages the reader. 
Tell people ‘why you do what you do’. Talk about potential benefits to readers like what problems your services/products solve and what needs you fulfill. 
Stick to the facts. These will have much more impact in demonstrating your credentials. For example: in 2015 we were awarded the ‘best value product’ by This Product Magazine. 
Use ‘real’ photos. These can be images of your premises, your team, or even an early version of your logo or products. 
Reveal everything about your products and services. This should be communicated elsewhere on your site. 
Tell people ‘what you do and how you came to do it’. This may seem the obvious content on an ‘About Us’ page but this type of information is only interesting to you. 
Use lengthy blocks of text. People simply won’t bother to read it. 
Use stock photos. Whilst they can add a lot of value elsewhere on your site they are not appropriate for the ‘About Us’ page. 
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