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Responsive websites are now a must: 
In the UK mobile browsing is now higher than ever. According to Ofcom, smart-phones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for accessing the Internet. If your business website is not responsive or mobile optimised, this means that you are losing a massive opportunity. Users can be bouncing out of your website for not being easy to use. 
How does your website look on a mobile? 
Take the test: view your website on a mobile phone and see what the 38 million smart-phone users in the UK see when viewing your website. 
Could you be losing business because your website is not mobile-friendly? 
it'seeze is working with Halesowen Chiropractic Clinic 
Harish Kapur DC - Doctor of Chiropractic have asked it'seeze to re-design their website to reflect a new look to be able to offer patients all the information they need. 
Halesowen and Studley Chiropractic Clinics offers a relaxed and personal service that can help provide treatment for neck, back pain and other symptoms. 
Congratulations to Win4 Ministries 
Win4 Ministries’ just launched its website. Providing tools and other resources to individuals who want to develop their lives and businesses in an ethical way. This site has a beautiful 
scrolling banner with amazing images and inspirational quotes. We aimed for a clean, corporate look with curved corners throughout to give the site a slightly softer feel. 
New website for Chamos Charity goes live 
This UK based charity making much effort to improve the living standards of the most deprived children in Venezuela. We went for a really strong, colourful design for this site, with blocks of colour, shapes and images to display the messages. Orange and green of the logo were used to keep the branding strong, with a white background for legibility and a clean, professional feel. Visit the new website and donate! 
it'seeze supporting start up business First Dial Recruitment Agency 
We will design a site that is welcoming and friendly, but has a 'medical' feel, so still very crisp and clean. See our work in progress in the image to the right, click to view full image. We are still working on the logo and members page. 
Congratulations to May! 
Investing in Marketing is the best she can do. Having a website is the right decision for her business. Meet A.MAY.ZING CLEAN providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in Birmingham. We focused on creating a fresh, contemporary look and feel for this website. 
Time to spring clean your website 
Take a look a these tips and trick on how to update your website. 
Click on the image to the left and share your comments! 
Shadem Solutions signs up for a website 
This company builds custom made awnings and canopies for commercial and domestic use. 
They need to have an on-line reputation. With a website they will be able to showcase their products, projects and benefits.